Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sand Test

I have been looking at the sand in some of shots and finding it a little dull. So to address this, I tried to take the mesh into Zbrush and work it up.Wanted to keep it lose and have fun with it. Here is frame of what I got.
When I first started on the film I could not see a good way to work this sand up, not with the resources that I have. And it wasn't till Decimation Master came out for Zbrush 3.5 that I could see a way.Really helps to give the characters of feeling of being in the world, rather than walking on it. Now I dont think I am going to animating this ground, its very heavy, so have will to choose where I put it carefully.

California Sports

During my last year at Yukfoo, a collegue approached me to do some outsourcing for a Wii game that he was Art Director on, California Sports. This was possible to do as I had game experience and we had a team that I knew could do it. I did the initial benchmark assets, such as the first character and building and worked out the kinks of how we were going to do this. Once that was done I just had to run schedule and do a bit of quality control. SHOo did the all the character texturing and Yoshi Harimaoto did the rest of modeling and most of the texturing on the props. I thought they did a great job as it was alot of assets in short amount of time.And there is another whole phase that I had nothing to do with.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HAFS Curiass

A post of my latest model. This one I am going to texture finally. And I am also going to be adding a character. This helps to give the bot a sense of scale. The first section of renders are ones I did to check that the mesh is good and that the smooth approximation will work right. Down below this are the renders with the character in. As I thought it changes the perception of the model hugely.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Short Film Update

So its a while since I posted an update to the film.I have done alot of work on it lately. So here is an update. I finally got around to unwrapping the interior of the house and started to texture that up. Makes a big difference. Still planning to let SHOo cut loose on those textures. The majority of my time has spent on animation. Tackling shots that I being avoiding. I have also reworked a shot that I could never render and was struggling with. I broke it into 2 shots now. Done plenty of comp work on various shots. And I have changed the ending! I have said that I would never change the edit..but it had to be done.

Zbrush 4

I got my update to Zbrush 4.0 going last night. I needed to get a larry render out. Going into maya with decimated geo is not much fun really. So I wanted to try this BPR rendering out and get a turntable done. I spent most of my time setting the SSS that you can now hook up in zbrush. I just hooked up my painted ED map to the texture and used a preset. Its not perfect by a long way, but I can see this will be getting plenty of attention.