Thursday, April 29, 2010

Avatar Shots

So with the release of Avatar on DVD(not the best quality..) I can get my hands on the shots I was lighting TD on, here they are! WHOoA! Amazing right?.If you are watching the film there is a section called Quaritch Fight, this was sequence I was assigned to, and these shots are from it.
As this was my first film, I was very happy to get to run 3 shots.All the assets were unreal,hard to light them badly.
Good times.
Avatar copyright 20th Century Fox.

Larry Render W.I.P

Decided to try a new light setup for Larry. I found the old one, which was good on the Krieger work lacked somewhat in feeling. It didn't pull any details out. This setup is an improvement, sculpts out the form and is more reflective of the character personality.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latest Larry W.I.P

Here is my latest work on Larry. I tried to sculpt hair for the first time, was hard but I am sure will get easier. Started from a base mesh from maya. Rest of the outfit was modeled in maya also. As for the head, I have spent the most time on the eyes area, lift the right eyebrow for some expression, but didn't go nuts, just another element to work into the piece gently.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Larry the Certifiable W.I.P 2

After looking at the reference for Larry-my old comics, I decided that what I had was ok, but I had lost some of the character. This WIP work was moving the elements around to address this. I did some work to the mouth and eyes also. Well most of the head got some work done. I am almost there, soon I have to do the shoulders and the hair, this as I found out thanks to my wife helps hugely in balancing the bust.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Larry the Certifiable

Next in Scott's book is doing a character with a large grin and a lot of fat rolls. I started this exercise and it looked rude so I have made it again(teeth and base mesh from the book) and its starting to come together. I think that is my workflow for now, build and then rebuild. I guess this is down to in-experience. Trying to get the head nice and then I will go onto the hair and outfit, aiming to make this a bust. This is Larry The Certifiable, design by Carlos Ezquerra from 2000AD.