Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monstor Turnaround

This is a quick turnaround in Zbrush of the octo monstor. Its by Nikalas Bulhmann in Sweden. He has also done the rigging for this character.

2000 AD

I have been wanting for many years to get some character models down. Also I want to get some zbrushing in. I read 2000ad when I was a kid. Used to get them delivered to the Campbells Bay stationary shop. I still have a few 100 if them. There many cool characters that I want to model, Torquemada, Kano from Bad Company and this guy. They are all made for Zbrush. When I get done with the music video I will be onto this guy! Too much to do!!

Kriger Renders

This is a Snake Eyes mech suit that I wanted to get done. And this was as far as I got with it... sad I know. I will post some stuff in the future if I get onto this.Would love to detail in up in Zbrush.


I have been on this sucker for ages. Its one of those projects I would love to finish. I have got the modeling 80% there, but need to detail it and render out a still. I have it rigged to be posed but no plan to animate it. Just could never crack the final compostion.

Animation Block out.

So here is the animation block out. Compted in After Effects and the starting of organizaton of the footage. Also serves to place any of the post effects such as rain, lighting, cutting editing etc with this low quality footage(playblasts) Again this is to add work flow as its simplier and faster to work with and to forese problems that might come ahead. The plan is to work in this style until the animation is final and then move on to the lighting and rendering. This is of course an ideal workflow and one that cannot always be followed with tight deadlines. So its a working model that I am keen to practice and observe its effectivness.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Here are some of Dre's work on the backgrounds.

Early Animatic

This is always a big thing to get down. As its a limited production- only a few people and no money as such, we have to make sure that we get this right. So there are many animatics.


Here are some examples of the storyboard panels. From here we planned it out with some indication of camera moves, framing etc.

Music Video

When I was working at Binary Star I meet a very talented concept artist Andre. We talked about doing a music video together. He wanted a piece for his band the Posioners and I wanted to work with his art, learn about animation and work on non commercial product..Very slowly we have been working on this. Its only been the two of us for most of the time, until another Binary Star guy, Nikalas was brought in to bring his talents to bear. This was over 2 years ago. Dre came up the concepts and fleshed out the first storyboards. We then ironed that all out and once we had something we liked. Dre started to produce the background artwork. I started on all the 3d elemets. We are doing a 3d 2d style blend. I will do all the 3d content and Dre would do all the backgounds and concept art.

Character Concepts For Music Video

Some of Characters that Andre has done for the project. The characters are built. Have to work on the fur and texturing yet. Nikalas has started on the monstor and has done a top job.