Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off to Weta

That ain't Charlie Brown, its me and they are Weta's. Having the good luck to go to Weta. I start in 2 days. Whoa. My fiance Shoo made this fantastic card as a farewell to me She has been super amazing and supportive over this decison. Makes it soo much sweeter to share it with her. Its a little bittersweet as she is not able to join me. Its hard, we have never been apart and we always are happy, so yay, we get to apart and sad! It wont be forever of course. I also dont think that I will be doing much work on the film. I know where I am with it, 6 shots left to animate, very close. It came down to Weta or my film...tough one

Shot 03

This was an old shot, and since I decided to back and put the dynamic scarf in it never worked. I have had soo much trouble gettting this right. In fact I had given up on it. But had another crack at it and changed the animation slightly, this has come out ok. Finally.. It might be last shot for awhile as I am off to Weta.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sequence Renders

Well I can't just animate all the time(even though I am supposed to be), so when I wasn't animating I was doing some rendering. Getting there, I still have some work to do. These shots have the grade that I like, trouble is that is got loads of banding, not great, but I do love what it does with the subtle colours and blooming.


Latest Sequence

Got another sequence here.Needed to post something.. I have been working on this section for awhile. Its nearly there, I am getting happy with the first 3 shot, last one quite there yet. I will take this chance to mention Alex and Karl whom I work with and have helped me loads. Please check out their blogs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shot 25

Just another shot that I have uploaded to Vimeo. I am allowed 1 highrez a week. This is pretty final rendering and animation. Will be getting a more hand crafted sky when Shoo gets some time to work on them.