Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kid Turnaround

Being working on the characters lately. Re-did the body and the hands and shoe. Only had these as place holders really. And fur was talked about so I had to get that sorted. Used a great program called UnFold3d for the unwrapping. I cannnot recommend this app enough. I have not spent that long with but its great. Hours of time saving. After all that I did some work on the shoes, this needs work. And this is the first pass on the fur. Its gettting there, next will be to place him in some shots and see how it works. Cant wait, being alot of fun to a character with fur. You can get some crazy results. After that the Dad will be recieving the same treatment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Latest Animatic

Here is the latest animatic. There is are some shots that are getting the first pass on lighting and shadow layout and one with the plants and extras. I did shorten the running shot and added a new shot of the kid running up the stairs at home. I did this to get to closer to the action and increase the sense of urgency here. The running shot was too calming. The house has had some modeling done, this will help with lighting and readability when in shot.