Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Depth map to raytrace shadows.

As I stated in the previous post I have to render some shots with raytraced shadows. I used depth map shadows before. I think the depth map looks better, softer, more natural. The raytraced one is very harsh and the colors are different. But the depth map flickers and its just not acceptable. Got to raytrace!!

Fur render with depth map shadows

Add ImageFur render with raytraced shadows

Shot updates

Lately I have worked on updating all the interior shots with the textured files, and at the same time going over the lighting and rendering. Did find out that in many of the shots I will be rendering the fur with raytraced shadows. I had been using depth map and they are good, but in close up shots there is fair amount of flickering. Not so with the raytraced, downside is that fur look less soft. Will post up some images to compare.
In this shot I wanted to do something with the sand. Its about the most we see of the sand in any shot, however it looks dull. So did a quick zbush of the sand and got it rendered out.

ere below is the old sand

and with the zbrush sand.