Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dad Turnaround

Here is the dad turnaround,with my first pass on the fur and vest. I have some problems with the ears to fix. I think the unwrapping is not quite right and is messing the ears up. I have to finish off the vest. Its just the high poly from Z brush so far. I like what I have got so far out of it so will come back to it. Now I have the characters fur I can start to test out lighting and animation with it. I still have the octo to go....

Character Images

Some of the character work. The turnarounds dont quite display the detail. Still got some issues to iron out with the fur.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vers Audio Ipod stereo

On another tack here. Wanted to rave about this ipod stereo from Vers Audio Came across this product in a Dwell magazine. Had been looking for years for a cool looking, nice sounding ipod stereo... with a remote. There aint that many around, some get great reviews, like the altec lansing, but hey do you want to put that ugly thing in your lounge!? The system from Vers is awsome, look at it, its beautiful, and it has a remote. The sound is sweet, but I am not one of those that spends much time talking about how great his ears are, and I dont care much. If it sounds good I am happy and I more that happy with this one. The service was excellent, maybe the best I have ever had on online. Fast nice pro service.

On many levels this fits the bill and I think you would be hard pressed to find another system that is better at looks, price, service and sound quality. And did I mention that it has a remote? One niggle, be nice if the remote was finished with the same lovely wood as the unit. Natch.