Saturday, November 10, 2007

Music Video

When I was working at Binary Star I meet a very talented concept artist Andre. We talked about doing a music video together. He wanted a piece for his band the Posioners and I wanted to work with his art, learn about animation and work on non commercial product..Very slowly we have been working on this. Its only been the two of us for most of the time, until another Binary Star guy, Nikalas was brought in to bring his talents to bear. This was over 2 years ago. Dre came up the concepts and fleshed out the first storyboards. We then ironed that all out and once we had something we liked. Dre started to produce the background artwork. I started on all the 3d elemets. We are doing a 3d 2d style blend. I will do all the 3d content and Dre would do all the backgounds and concept art.

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