Sunday, July 25, 2010

Larry Bust W.I.P

Back to Larry.. This has a long way to go.I wanted to focus in particular on painting the SSS layers in zbrush and detailing the skin. Here are my wips so far. The lower wips was my first renders out of maya but I was not mad about it, the upper one has everything tweaked.They are both using the same maps on the SSS but I did some work on the eyes texture and a blockout of his outfit. I have to rework some of detailing and change the coloring of the skin, but for now I am looking at the general feel of the maps.
Also in the piece I decided to get some hair renders. I have used the fur a fair bit, but always avoided the hair and it can be more trouble than its worth. But for this I think it will be the right way to go.

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