Monday, February 16, 2009

Shot Updates

Mostly working on the animation lately, still hoping to get all the animation done this month. But when I am not on this I can render any shot and get some fixes in. I have also being working on the grade, and these shots have the grade on them. I have got to animating and rendering some shots with the octos in them. Was pretty excited to be getting that in. They are looking good, the rendering is not too complicated( thankfully) Nice to render something on this project that does not have fur on it. Fur is a challenge, some shots have just never wanted to render. I have tried to different renderers, dmaps resolutions, anti-aliasing settings blah blah blah. At the moment I am using all of. Can depend on the amount of light that the fur is recieving, size in frame. Crazy, but worth it of course. I have added a dynamic scarf to the kid, it looks great but takes some time to get right, so I am having a internal debate about putting in or not. Dont really want to be adding stuff late in the piece, but can be hard to ignore a good idea.

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Mukpuddy said...

Hello sir, you've got some great stuff here!! We wondered if you knew about the F;ipbook event we're putting on tomorrow night (19th Feb). Come along if you're keen dude