Friday, September 19, 2008

Shot 22 movie

Here is the reworking of shot 22. I had to change this as I couldnt quite get this working how I think it should have been. It had a POV to start with, but I just found the action of the otco jumping in the air a little strange. So I worked it into 4 shots, its nice and I think the last shot has a nice revealing of the next bunch of octos.Will be able to convey some nice emotion of the Dad and build on the danger the son is in. Still have some issues with the Dads fur but did make some progress. I was rendering his fur with rasterizer and some Dmap shadows. Got better results with raytracing, and raytraced shadows, without a huge hit in the render time. Also got a more working texture on the dead octo. Will update the texture on all of the octos when I finish the final weighting.

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