Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday in France

In September I was on holiday in France. Got to see most of country and have lots of fantastic food and meet some great people. Except for the people of Arcachon. What a dump, here look at the trees, even they look like they are tortured! Went to get a local hot-dog. Now you know you are trouble in when the food selection is so grim, a hotdog is your best option-in France remember! So what the lady did was cut a crap piece of french bread, shove it on a hot metal rod and heat it up. First one was ok , then the hag forgot about mine. She went to grab it off and it wouldnt budge. Had her hands all over it! Pulling and tugging away at! And then when she did get it off she made the hot dog with palm grease smothered, broken, dry husk! Then for dinner, I had a seafood platter, sounds good, Wrong! It was all rotten! Smelt rank. Top town! Ugly, boring. If you are going to France avoid this town at all costs! RUDE RUDE RUDE. Rest of France was fantastic. But not Arcachon, ohh nooo. Total Dump!!!

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SHOo said...

And what can I see in the tortured tree picture (by the way, those trees where the only good thing in Arcachon - with the appartment/hotel of course-)? A dwarf! Worse! A fat one! Ha!